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The foremost destination for effecting meaningful change in the development of our local communities through community engagement tools.

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Key Quality Services Offered by Manar Foundation

Manar provides a comprehensive suite of services designed to foster social innovation among individuals and organizations in our local communities, empowering them to take a leadership role in achieving progress and development goals

Institutional Programs and Platforms Services

Expert Training & Capacity Building

Elevate your skills with our targeted training programs designed to foster leadership, drive social innovation, and streamline project management across individuals and community teams.

Dynamic E-Learning Platforms

Engage with our versatile online learning environments that offer tailored educational journeys and training sessions, ideal for impact-driven leaders at all levels.

Strategic Consulting Solutions

Benefit from our expert consulting in sustainable development, corporate social responsibility, and social innovation, crafted to empower your team to make a significant social impact.

Solutions and Consultancy Services for External Parties

Customized Community Engagement

We craft bespoke strategies to orchestrate and amplify community campaigns, both virtual and physical, prioritizing structured community organizing and issue advocacy.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Strategies

Collaborate with us to develop CSR strategies that not only align with your corporate objectives but also emphasize sustainability and lasting positive impacts on society.

Advanced Data Analysis & Business Insights

Utilize our comprehensive business monitoring and data analytics services to uncover and leverage trends, opportunities, and challenges in socially impactful sectors within the region.

Our story

Pioneers in Enhancing Community Engagement

Driven by the growing importance of community engagement as a vital means to involve communities in development, our focus at "Manar" has centered on this concept. Recognizing its significant role as both a tool and a method for empowering communities to take proactive measures roles in achieving their development and progress goals, we have dedicated ourselves to mastering this approach. Our aim is to establish a specialized institution that actively promotes and implements various applications of community engagement within our local societies.

Partners in Success

Our Platforms

High-Response Interactive Platforms for Community Sectors

Bedar Social Ventures

Specialized in attracting innovators and projects that offer community solutions serving various local segments in our communities.

Sary Advocate Volunteering

Focused on enhancing volunteer work that benefits our local communities and empowering individuals and volunteer teams through capacity building and technical support.